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 HARD LIFE SOFT INTERFACE [coming 2025] is a video game in development about society crumbling, hatred, and friendship
  With the death of reality as we have known it, we should probably go outside and touch grass while it’s still possible,,,,
 Alternatively, you can rot indoors and play this game when it comes out in early 2025
 Set in a late capitalist dystopia [aka a reality simulation], you can
    ,explore your decaying city
    ,befriend NPCs with main character syndrome
    ,scheme against the Achieve Corporation
    ,find glitches in the fabric of reality itself
    ,explore a surreal parallel dimension
    ,find hope,,,,,
 devlog 07,07,2024
    been making backgrounds + illustrating inventory items + finalising UI style
    ,also solved some key programming challenges
    ,first look trailer will be out this summer
    ,release early 2025
 devlog 11,07,2024
  been working on art + code